Don't Let Your Diamonds Dull in Your Jewelry Box

Don't Let Your Diamonds Dull in Your Jewelry Box

Turn to us to buy and sell jewelry in Lafayette, LA

As you collect new jewelry pieces, your old jewelry can fall to the wayside. Instead of letting your diamond jewelry just sit in your jewelry box, let another woman enjoy the pieces while you make some cash. Acadiana Gold Exchange buys and sells jewelry in Lafayette, LA, including diamond jewelry.

We buy all types of diamond jewelry, including:

  • Broken diamonds
  • Small or large diamonds
  • European cut diamonds

Visit our location now to get some of the best offers for your diamond jewelry and call us with any questions you have at (337) 534-0039.

Looking for engagement ring consulting or engagement ring inspection in Lafayette, LA?

We're involved in the diamond wholesale market, so we can offer diamonds at reasonable prices. We even offer engagement ring consulting and engagement ring inspecting in Lafayette, LA. Surprise your soulmate with sparkling diamond jewelry that will leave them speechless. Stop by today to browse our expansive selection.