Where Can You Go to Learn Your Engagement Ring’s Value?

Where Can You Go to Learn Your Engagement Ring’s Value?

Right here at Acadiana Gold Exchange!

Want to make sure you bought your engagement ring for the best price? Bring it to Acadiana Gold Exchange! We stay informed on the latest market value of diamonds and precious metals. Every day, we meet clients who learn they’ve paid more than what their ring’s worth. Don’t let that be you! Let us guide you to the right ring at the right price.

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You can rely on assessments from Acadiana Gold Exchange

Did you know engagement rings are marked up 500-1000%? A lot of people don’t. That’s why we're still in business. We inspect and buy rings while informing clients of their jewelry’s true value. Before you buy that ring for your sweetheart, let us inspect it for you! It’ll stop you from:

Wasting time and money
Giving your partner/fiancé a cheap ring
Regretting an unwise decision

As engagement ring consultants, we know all about diamonds and jewelry. Unlike other businesses that are just after your money, you can rest assured we’ll give you a fair price for your rings.

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